Precision Rifle - Las Vegas - 9/13/2024 - 9/15/2024

September 13th, 2024 @ 6:00pm PST

Precision Rifle - Las Vegas - 9/13/2024 - 9/15/2024
About this event

Engage targets out to 800 to 1200 meters accurately with your .308 Winchester - .300 Winchester Magnum or other long range rifle. Increase your current long range skills with some of the best instruction in the industry.
Precision Rifle covers the techniques required to achieve first-round hits out to 800 meters and beyond under a variety of conditions and distances. Range estimation, scope adjustment and zeroing, minute of angle theory, external ballistics and weather effects among other topics will be covered. You’ll be instructed in shooting unknown distances, low light shooting, Mil-dot and MOA reticle, use of data books and more by our Cadre. Target engagements will be made at both known and unknown distances out to 1000 yards using the techniques covered. Participants will be in shooter/spotter teams.

This class is ideal for a seasoned hunter, law enforcement precision marksman or anyone who wants to improve their long range shooting skills. Participants must have a solid understanding of firearm safety, fundamentals of marksmanship, weapons maintenance, and an ability to zero their weapon and scope.
This course is not recommended for beginners.
Participants should already be proficient in the following skills:

  • Consistently hold a 3” group from a prone position for 5 rounds at 25 meters 

In an effort to put participants in the right mindset we perform short duration physical stressors throughout the training day. All courses develop skill sets that would be utilized in a high stress, worst case scenario. This is simulated in training by elevating the heart rate through movements such as sprints, burpees, pushups and other exercises.  


  • Weapons set up
  • Ballistics, ammo selection
  • Lead /windage/mirage
  • Optic setup and selection
  • Firing positions
  • Moving targets
  • Zeroing / Confirmation / Offsets
  • Multiple treats
  • Final assault scenario
  • Vantage points/hides


  • Zeroed Rifle
  • Eye Protection (sunglasses are acceptable)
  • Electronic Hearing Protection
  • Water, food, snacks (for duration of course)
  • Closed-toed shoes (MACV-1 Boots recommended)
  • Semi-automatic or Bolt action Rifle
  • Match Grade Ammo X 200 rounds
  • Scope
  • Shooting mat or pad
  • Sling for Rifle
  • Bipod for Rifle
  • Notebook, pen or pencil
  • Shooting sock
  • Scope/shooting glass
  • Photo ID



  • Spotting scope
  • Laser range finder
  • Camping chair
  • Tac Hat


  • Keep firearms in vehicles. Please take care that when arriving at training sites, participants are not to remove from their vehicles or otherwise handle firearms until instructed to do so by the event cadre. In an effort to enforce good firearms safety and best practices, we would ask that firearms remain in vehicles until specifically told to bring them out.
  • Shooters who display weapons proficiency will be challenged by the Cadre to increase their skill level by various methods. This will not have an impact on the overall conduct of the class.
2960 E Sunset Rd, Suite 125, Las Vegas, NV 89120
2960 E Sunset Rd, Suite 125, Las Vegas, NV 89120

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September 13th, 2024 @ 6:00pm PST

Maritime Enforcement Chief (MEC) Daniel Jones served 22 years in the US Coast Guard. His various units included the US Sea Marshals (VBSS), 4 small boat Search and Rescue units. In addition, he spent 5 years with the CG Maritime Security Response Team (MSRT) where he served as a Squad Leader and Team Chief for the Precision Marksman/Observer Team (PMOT). His numerous deployments include Operation Groundhog, Operation Safe Catch, and a special assignment attached to the secret service detail of the Secretary of Homeland Security.  He finished his career as a Firearms Instructor at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC), where he served as an Instructor in numerous disciplines to include Basic and Advanced Pistol, Basic and Advanced Rifle, Precision Rifle, Tactical Medicine, Active Shooter Response, Use of force and Less than UOF. He is also certified as an NRA LEO Range Instructor. 

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