Operation Clear Field: New York

August 20th, 2023 @ 10:00am EST

Operation Clear Field: New York
About this event

Operation Clear Field

Niantic, the makers of Ingress and Pokémon GO, have partnered with GORUCK to bring special Operation Clear Field events to a location near you.

Operation Clear Field combines a service-themed scavenger hunt with Ingress exploration for everyone the world over.

OCF will end NLT 12:30pm local time.

How It Works

You and your small team (RES, ENL, or XFAC) get an old-school paper task list from an on-the-ground GORUCK Cadre. Your team then strategically plans to earn the most points and explore the best spots around, Ingressing and Instagramming and earning "Cool Points" as you go. The task list could include Ingress portals, points of interest, historic sites and trails, other teams, and much more, including quick impact service actions - the more creative, the better!


You are invited to create an Instagram account for your team with your team name. You can use your team’s Instagram account and photograph/video your team accomplishing different tasks, which you will tag with the GORUCK/Ingress account (@goruckingress).


How To Earn A Patch & Ingress OCF Badge 

All teams who participate and make it to the end point will receive the official Ingress in-game badge. And everyone who shows up makes a difference in the local community. Come ready, Agents!

Please note times listed are local. If possible, try to use mass transit or carpool as parking may be limited.

Rules of Operation Clear Field

  • Remain with your team at all times
  • Wear comfortable clothing and walking shoes
  • Stay on the designated paths and areas of the park
  • Post photos of your team accomplishing the various tasks on the Hit List to the GORUCK Cadre's Instagram handle
  • Teams must follow instructions on the Hitlist to earn the OCF Badge

Recommended Gear List (not required)

  • External Battery Charger
  • Hydration source

Got Questions?

Central Park Bethesda Terrace
New York
, New York 10024
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August 20th, 2023 @ 10:00am EST
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