Level 6 - Counter Ambush Response - Night: Indianapolis, IN 08/26/2023 17:00

August 26th, 2023 @ 5:00pm EST

Level 6 - Counter Ambush Response - Night: Indianapolis, IN 08/26/2023 17:00
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Saturday, August 26, 2023 17:00


In order to participate in this course participants should have received formal training in the use of weapon mounted lights and handheld lights while engaging targets. Participants must be able to move, shoot and communicate with confidence. Participants must be comfortable manipulating their weapon in confined spaces with limited visibility. This course requires a high level of situational awareness, communication skills, and competence with both rifles and pistols.

Coming into this class being comfortable and confident with your firearm in a low-light or no-light situation is a prerequisite, and this event will take it to the next level. In this 6 hour block of instruction you will learn and experience fighting in and around vehicles with both your rifle and pistol.

We will use a prop vehicle from which you will learn to use as cover, fight from within, and egress to safety; all while using your light for target discrimination. After several dry runs and live fire scenarios, you will have a culminating exercise in a small team providing cover fire, communications, and tactical egress from the vehicle to points of cover.

This is an advanced pistol and rifle combat course and is not recommended for beginners. We recommend Counter Active Shooter Night (Pistol and Rifle) and Counter Ambush Response prior to taking this course.

Participants who complete this course with Cadre Machine will be eligible for a Florida non-resident concealed weapons permit. These permits are valid for a term of 7 years in 36 states.

Due to the space and safety requirements needed to conduct these events the ranges may be up to a two hour drive from the city listed. Please keep this in mind when making lodging arrangements.

The duration of this course runs 6 hours.

All GORUCK Firearms Courses and Events utilize scenario based training which is incorporated into dry practice prior to any live fire. All participants will practice target identification and discrimination, movement, weapons manipulation, and other dynamic drills with the cadre and others. These drills will be facilitated with inert weapons enabling a safe and realistic training environment. Both pistols and rifles will be rendered inert with barrel/chamber blocking plugs. Further, each student must fully participate in dry practice prior to commencing live fire.


Target: Tactical Law Enforcement Target (anatomical side) Or Steel

Scoring: Binary 0/10. Minimum score 70%. Distance: 10m-20meters. Rounds: 5/15 in two magazines. Note: Sitting in the car with the belt on, door closed and windows down. With Rifle in lap, in between legs in condition 3 (bolt forward, empty chamber with magazine in) fire out of the open window 5 rounds, exit the car maintaining cover and change magazines. Fire from cover of engine block with 15 round magazine. Maintaining cover moves laterally to the rear of the vehicle to 3rd target. Finally move back to the point of cover that is overall 20 meters from target 3.


  • Face Mask (Optional)
  • Hand Sanitizer/Wipes - 1 bottle Purell, 1 package of baby wipes (or equivalent)
  • Eye Protection (sunglasses are acceptable)
  • Electronic Hearing Protection
  • Sturdy Belt (non-cloth, must be able to hold up the weight of a pistol and magazine holder)
  • Pistol
  • Rifle
  • Muzzle down Sling (Rifle Only)
  • 3 Rifle Magazines (capable of holding at least 10 rounds each)
  • 3 Pistol Magazines
  • Magazine Holster for pistol
  • Magazine Holster for rifle
  • Holster (duty or concealed)
  • 250 Rounds pistol ammo
  • 250 Rounds rifle ammo
  • Weapon Mounted Light on Rifle
  • Headlamp with red light
  • Handheld flashlight with momentary ON function
  • Flashlight holder or clip
  • Two Chem Lights (one red and one white)
  • 9mm Barrel Safety Plug
  • 5.56mm Barrel Safety Plug
  • Gloves
  • Long Pants
  • Closed-toed shoes (MACV-1 Boots recommended)
  • Photo ID
  • Water, food, snacks (for duration of course)


  • Sunscreen
  • Magazine Speed Loader
  • Gun Oil
  • Tac Hat
  • Additional range/firearms gear is good, there is always a GRT in need


  • Firearms Training utilizes semiautomatic pistols, however, we offer custom classes on any and all small arms. Full-Frame pistols are recommended. Sub-Compact pistols are not recommended.
  • SERPA-style holsters not authorized. Due to the nature of the training offered and the repetitive drawing and holstering of firearms, SERPA style holsters are not authorized for GORUCK Firearms training courses. If you do not have an alternative holster available, one may be provided with advanced notice.
  • Keep firearms in vehicles. Please take care that when arriving to training sites, participants are not to remove from their vehicles or otherwise handle firearms until instructed to do so by the event cadre. In an effort to enforce good firearms safety and best practices, we would ask that firearms remain in vehicles until specifically told to bring them out.
  • Shooters who display weapons proficiency will by challenged by the Cadre to increase their skill level by various methods. This will not have an impact on the overall conduct of the class.
  • Counter Active Shooter Night (Pistol and Rifle) and Counter Ambush Response or similar basic pistol/rifle coursea are a prerequisite for this course. This course is not meant for beginners.


  • Refunds are permitted for this event if requested at least 30 days prior to the event date.
  • For the full Event Participant Policies please view our FAQ page.


426 Fruitdale Dr, Morgantown, IN
Indianapolis, IN
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August 26th, 2023 @ 5:00pm EST
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