GORUCK Shooter: Columbus, OH 09/11/2022 08:00

September 11th, 2022 @ 8:00am EST

GORUCK Shooter: Columbus, OH 09/11/2022 08:00
About this event

Rucking, Pistol Combat Shooting, Rucking, Close Contact Rifle Engagements and Ruck PT.

GORUCK Shooter is an evaluation of your ability to perform pistol and rifle marksmanship under stress in a competition setting. Competition breeds excellence; you will be ranked among the other shooters and be evaluated on a pass/fail basis. The expectation is that at a minimum you can run a 10K with 30/20LBs on your back, assemble your weapon, and engage targets with a high level of accuracy. There is also a memory component to the course of live firing, weapons manipulation, and moving and shooting. If you meet the standards for both platforms, you will be awarded the coveted GORUCK Shooter patch.


Must be very comfortable being safe and accurate under extreme stress with both firearm platforms. Participants must also be able to assemble your weapons under duress and engage targets while moving, changing magazines, and immediately after fatigue and elevated heart rate.

This course is not recommended for beginners.

Participants should already be proficient in the following skills:


Start times will be staggered in waves. You will ruck a 5k (in under 45 min.) for the pistol portion and a 10k (in under 90 min.) for the rifle portion. Weapons will be staged at the start/end point of the route, where you will shoot immediately after the ruck. All courses of fire will be walked through and you will be provided ample time for gear preparation and ammo management prior to commencement. Cadre will enforce strict safety protocols paramount in all GORUCK firearms training events. Those who score over a 70% average and make the ruck time drills for both events will be awarded the GORUCK shooter patch. Those who do not pass can come back and try again at a later stage. This is an individual event.

Event Course Of ActionTo Included:

  • Standardized ruck and course of fire
  • Ruck qualification times
  • 30LB mens weight
  • 20LB womens weight
  • Shooting standards for patch qualification
  • Will be a great test of your ability to shoot after physical stress
  • Must meet 72% accuracy to receive your patch
  • Prize For 1st Place Score
Richwood Gun and Game Club 19200 Turner Road, Richwood, OH
Columbus, OH
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September 11th, 2022 @ 8:00am EST
Event Cadre

Mocha Mike

Army Special Forces

Iraq, Middle East, Asia


Ranger Bat, endurance events, and the life of a Green Beret made Mocha the million dollar man. As in, that's how much hardware he has in him. He loves his family, long walks with the four legged kids and 8-shot mocha's!

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