Force Multiplier: Washington, DC (Beta) 05/01/2021 08:00

May 1st, 2021 @ 8:00am EST

Force Multiplier: Washington, DC (Beta) 05/01/2021 08:00
About this event

Date & Time

Saturday, May 1, 2021 08:00

Start Point

Your start point will be posted to this page and emailed to you at least one week before the event date.

Event Schedule

  • Day 1
    • Check-in: 7:30am
    • Event Start: 8:00am
    • Event End: 4:00pm
    • Start Point: Montrose Park (At the Sarah Louise Rittenhouse Monument)
  • Day 2
    • Check-in: 7:30am
    • Event Start: 8:00am
    • Event End 2:00 pm
    • Start Point: Georgetown Waterfront Park (West end of the park at the "Labyrinth")

Master of Sand

Complete both days of training and earn the special Master of Sand patch.

“Sandbag and Ruck Training Coaching Course: The Force Multiplier” is a two day course offered to the public on all things sandbag and ruck training (SRT). The course educates anyone who would like to integrate SRT into their training repertoire, whether they are training themselves or coaching others. This course focuses on education, however there will be a great deal of movement involved as well. On day one participants will be learning all about SRT while moving weight, rucking, and coaching SRT movements. Day two will be focused on testing so that participants can exhibit what they've learned. At the end of day one, participants will walk away with a patch. Upon passing the day two testing components, participants will earn a certificate of course completion as well. If participants opt out of Day 2 testing, completing that component at a future event is an option. All participants, whether participating in one or two days, will receive access to the SRT Handbook.

Testing components (Day 2)

  • 12 mile ruck march with 20/30# in 3:30
  • Immediately following the 12 mile ruck march, complete SRT workout "DT" 40/60# sandbag under 30 minutes
  • Pass a 30-question multiple choice test (80% or 24/30 is passing)

At the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Understand the history of GORUCK and Rucking
  • Model and describe efficient rucking form, how to pack a ruck, how to wear a ruck
  • Teach others how to execute all sandbag/rucksack movements efficiently
  • Modify sandbag/rucksack movements appropriately for all movement limitations
  • Understand the connection of mobility and flexibility for strength building and back health

Packing List

  • A rucksack aka backpack (Rucker recommended)
  • Ruck Plate = to your weight requirement
    • If you weigh >150 lbs = 30 lb. Ruck Plate
    • If you weigh < 150 lbs = 20 lb. Ruck Plate
  • Sandbag = to your weight requirement
    • If you weigh >150 lbs = 60 lb. Sandbag
    • If you weigh < 150 lbs = 40 lb. Sandbag
  • Phone (fully charged!) you’ll access the SRT handbook and take the final test during the course on your device
  • Hydration Bladder: Source 3L recommended and/or refillable Nalgene
  • Food/snacks (this is an educational course, but you will be moving and exercising for many hours/day, so plan accordingly)
  • First Aid Kit (small)
  • Face Mask (something that will not repeatedly fall off, scarves not recommended)
  • Gloves (1 pair) Not medical gloves, working gloves
  • Hand Sanitizer/Wipes - 1 bottle Purell, 1 package of baby wipes (or equivalent)
  • Windbreaker (only if the temperature is expected below 60 ℉)
  • Extra warm clothes/layers, rain gear (the event is entirely outside)
  • Photo ID and $20 cash just in case
  • A pen or pencil and a notebook to take notes (Yes! The pen is mightier than the sword at this event)
Washington, DC
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May 1st, 2021 @ 8:00am EST
Event Cadre

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Note: Your cadre will lead the class, teach team building-building and leadership lessons based on his time in Special Operations

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