Counter Active Shooter Night Rifle - Colorado Springs - 09/07/2024

September 7th, 2024 @ 5:00pm MDT

Counter Active Shooter Night Rifle - Colorado Springs - 09/07/2024
About this event

Own The Night With Industry Standard Best Practices For Effective Threat Neutralization In Low Light Conditions.
Simply put, bad things happen at night. Night Fire - Advanced Rifle will teach you how to be as effective and confident in shooting at night as in daylight. You will learn the fundamentals of adjusting to ambient light, intermittent light and artificial light sources. You will be instructed on how to safely and accurately engage targets through low-light/no-light target discrimination, flashlight/gun light techniques, such as moving from a place of light to darkness. Our Cadre will explain and physically demonstrate each course of fire prior to each drill.
All GORUCK Firearms Courses and Events utilize scenario based training which is incorporated into dry practice prior to any live fire. All participants will practice target identification and discrimination, movement, weapons manipulation, and other dynamic drills with the cadre and others. These drills will be facilitated with inert weapons enabling a safe and realistic training environment. Both pistols and rifles will be rendered inert with barrel/chamber blocking plugs. Further, each student must fully participate in dry practice prior to commencing live fire.

Must have completed Counter Active Shooter (Rifle-Day) - L2. This course requires moving and shooting, use of cover, and team communication all while manipulating your rifle and a light in darkness. Equivalent entry requirements training would be received by an LEO or military combat arms.
This course is not recommended for beginners.
Participants should already be proficient in the following skills:

  • Shoot 80% on a 30 round course of fire from 25 meters

In an effort to put participants in the right mindset we perform short duration physical stressors throughout the training day. All courses develop skill sets that would be utilized in a high stress, worst case scenario. This is simulated in training by elevating the heart rate through movements such as sprints, burpees, pushups and other exercises.  


  • Overcoming and adapting to low light
  • Weapon transitions
  • Verbal challenges
  • Discretionary shooting and multiple threats
  • Movement for searching with your light
  • Moving and shooting
  • Overcoming Flash Blindness
  • Advancing On a Threat




  • Gun Oil
  • Tac Hat
  • Additional range/firearms gear is good, there is always a GRT in need
  • Reflex/Red Dot Optic, not magnification (Rifle Only)
  • Pistol weapon mounted light or handheld light


Target: Tactical Law Enforcement Target (anatomical side). 
Scoring: Binary 0/10. Minimum score 70%. 
Distance: 25m/20m/10m. 
Time: 25sec/n/a. 
Rounds in magazines: 10/5/5. 
Note: 25 meters static shoot any position. move to 20 meters. Walk and shoot to 10 meters with a magazine change.

Florida weapons permit qualification

  • ONLY if you pass the course
  • Weapons permit qualification may be available from your cadre. Communicate with them directly at the time of the event.


  • Firearms Training utilizes semiautomatic pistols or AR-15 platforms, however, we offer custom classes on any and all small arms.
  • Keep firearms in vehicles. Please take care that when arriving at training sites, participants are not to remove from their vehicles or otherwise handle firearms until instructed to do so by the event cadre. In an effort to enforce good firearms safety and best practices, we would ask that firearms remain in vehicles until specifically told to bring them out.
  • Shooters who display weapons proficiency will be challenged by the Cadre to increase their skill level by various methods. This will not have an impact on the overall conduct of the class.
Pikes Peak Gun ClubIzaak Walton League Chapter
34450 S. Franceville Coal Mine Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80929

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September 7th, 2024 @ 5:00pm MDT

As a subject matter expert (SME) in the field of Counter Terrorism (CT) and security best practices with over 16 years of operational experience with areas of concentration and expertise in high-risk police tactics, special operations (SOF), dignitary protection (CP) and close quarters battle (CQB), Bernardo retired from active duty law enforcement in the Border Patrol. His last duty assignment was as an assaulter in a special missions unit (SMU) focusing on direct action and low visibility operations. Other law enforcement positions he had held include Federal Air Marshal service, Dignitary Protection Division (protective detail to the IDF chief of staff), Federal Law Enforcement instructor and Counter Assault Team (CAT) member within the Israeli Dignitary Protection Unit. Between direct action missions in the IDF, Border Patrol, aviation security and dignitary protection assignments, he has hundreds of operational missions in his background. For more than 10 years Bernardo mentored at-risk youth and minority populations as the founder and director “Team of Warriors”, a non-profit organization whose founding principles are unlocking leadership potential through excellence in military service. Currently, Bernardo relocated to the United States with his family. He currently serves as a law enforcement officer and holds the “certified Protection Professional” designation from ASIS. Bernardo is an Active Shooter Response Instructor through Texas State University, Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training Center (ALERRT). Academically he holds a BA In communications and an MA in Homeland Security and Counter Terrorism studies from Reichman University in Israel.

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