City Ruck - 12 Miler - Newport, Rhode Island

August 10th, 2024 @ 9:00am EST

City Ruck - 12 Miler - Newport, Rhode Island
About this event

12 Miler - CITY RUCK 

  • Ruck it solo or with friends
  • Fun ruck it or race for time - your call
  • This is our kind of fun and we have cold victory beers at the finish line

GORUCK is The Rucking Company and we have executed over 10,000 rucking events since 2010, empowering a global community of ruckers. The World Rucking Series is a great way to join GORUCK Nation, to meet people who live our way of life, and to explore your city or a new one on foot.


Your Cadre will give you the waypoints/points of interest that comprise your route, at the start point. A quick route navigation on your phone and then you’ll get going. When you successfully complete your City Ruck, your GORUCK Cadre will hand you a cold beer and a patch that will never be for sale.


  • A rucksack (Rucker recommended) - must have reflectivity
  • Ruck Plate (or equivalent) in your rucksack - to your weight requirement
    • 20 lb. Ruck Plate - MEN
    • 10 lb. Ruck Plate - WOMEN
  • Water/Hydration. 3L required. Hydration Bladder and a Nalgene bottle highly recommended.
  • Any medication you might need
  • Photo ID
  • Smartphone + spare battery. This is how you will navigate your point to point route.
  • Smiles


  • Extra layers of clothing. Think: merino wool socks and a shell. Pay close attention to the weather — if it’s gonna be cold, make sure you have a windbreaker
  • Dry Bag (or equivalent, such as a contractor bag) for keeping everything in your ruck dry.
  • Supportive footwear. GORUCK recommended because it’s the best for people who carry weight and live on their feet.
  • Food, snacks, electrolytes — you are of course able to stop anywhere along your route to resupply. 


You have 5 hours to successfully complete your City Ruck 12 Miler and earn the patch.

Newport, RI
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August 10th, 2024 @ 9:00am EST


Gregg retired after faithfully serving this Great Nation for over 42 years.  Those 42 years are compiled of 20 years military service, 5 years as a Department of Defense Contactor and his final seventeen years as a Government Civilian Program Manager developing capabilities to keep the Nation safe from Weapons of mass destruction. Gregg joined the Army in 1985, went to the Special Forces Qualification Course in 1988 and successfully donned his Green Beret in December of 1988 whereupon he joined 10th Special Forces Group in Germany.  During Gregg’s Army career, he deployed to Desert Storm, Provide Comfort and more importantly to Operation Gothic Serpent where he earned a Silver Star for his actions on the Ground in Mogadishu Somalia on 3/4 October 1993 as part of Task force Ranger. Gregg has fully retired from the Federal Government in October of 2022.   Gregg is a father of 5 wonderful adult children and the joy of his life are his two beautiful granddaughters.  

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