Level 1 - Armorer: Austin, TX 09/08/2023 19:00

September 8th, 2023 @ 7:00pm CST

Level 1 - Armorer: Austin, TX 09/08/2023 19:00
About this event

Today more and more we are seeing heavily modified weapons at training courses and even in the hands of professionals in the field. The biggest drawback to running non-factory, non-OEM modified weapons is reliability. If your life depends on a reliable firearm or if you want the self reliance of being able to effectively trouble shoot, diagnose and repair your weapon then this is the class for you. In AM we will focus on Glock Safety Functions Check, Field Stripping, Full Slide, Frame, Magazine Disassembly and Maintenance. By lunch you will feel confident replacing all Glock parts in any of the series and maintain a reliable firearm.

Coffee, Donuts, water and working lunch provided by GORUCK at HQ.

At noon we will start AR platform (AR15/M16/M4/AR308) which will take us until the end of the day. In this block of instruction you will be able to not only trouble shoot, diagnose and repair an AR platform in the field, but have confidence in your ability to independently maintain a reliable and capable weapon. For a complete list of skills covered please see below:

  • AR15 Build Tools and Gauge Use
  • 5.56 vs. .223 vs. Wylde chambers, Barrel Twist and Ammo Guidelines
  • Effects of Steel Cased Ammo
  • How the AR15 Direct Impingement System Works and its Benefits and Tradeoffs
  • Barrel Contours, Barrel Weights, Fluting, and Dimpling
  • Barrel Length, Velocities, and Dwell Time
  • Barrel Extensions and Feed Ramps
  • Barrel Nut Torque Specifications and Alignment
  • Understanding and Checking Headspace (Headspacing of Student AR)
  • Gas Blocks and Front Sight Bases
  • Pinning Front Sight Bases vs. Clamp-On vs. Set Screw Methods
  • Adjustable Gas Blocks, Gas Ports, Gas Tubes, and Gas System Length, Gas Block and Gas Tube Alignment, Gas Port Erosion
  • Muzzle Threads, Muzzle Device Pinning, Muzzle Devices
  • Gas Key Torque Specifications and Staking (Staking of student AR)
  • Gas Ring Testing
  • Extractor Upgrades
  • Testing and Selecting the correct Buffer and Buffer/Action Spring Combination
  • Fire Control Group Types and installation
  • Common Parts Wear and Breakage
  • Magazines Inspection
  • Failures, Malfunctions, Problem Solving
  • Cleaning and Lubrication How-To Methods and Scheduled Maintenance
  • Cleaning Products and Equipment
  • Ammo Sensitivity, Weather, Altitude, and Malfunctions
  • Iron Sights and Backup Sights
  • Sight Alignment, Tools, and Adjustment
  • Sighting and Ballistics

Packing List

  • Indiviual
    • AR platform rifle with barrel plug installed upon arrival
    • Glock pistol with barrel plug installed upon arrival
    • 1 Gallon Zip Loc Bag
    • Notepad/Paper
    • Barrel plug 9mm and 5.56
    • Face Mask
    • Hand Sanitizer
    • ** NO AMMO
    • **Do not enter the training site without a barrel plug in each weapon. Weapons are to be transported to and from the training site unloaded and plugged. No manipulation of weapons in the parking lot or prior to class start time. No live weapons at all
  • Per Two People
    • Complete set of flat steel punches (Starrett Pin Punch set recommended) 1/16, 5/64, 3/32, 1/8, 5/32, 5/32″
    • Center Punch (or Spring loaded center punch)
    • Complete set of roll pin holders (starter punches)
    • Complete set of roll pin punches
    • 1″ Nylon and Brass Gunsmithing Hammer
    • Small to medium pair of needle nose pliers
    • Large flat tip screwdriver or variable tip screwdriver set
    • Bolt Catch Pin Punch
    • Pivot Pin Installation Tool
    • Allen wrench/hex bit set for pistol grip screw
    • Armorer’s block (or block of wood)
    • Blue painters tape
    • **All tools can be sourced from Brownells.com
32800 Ronald Reagan Blvd, Georgetown, TX
Austin, TX
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September 8th, 2023 @ 7:00pm CST
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